Himachal Pradesh’s Road to Recovery: Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu Extends Assurance Amidst Disaster

Road to Recovery, In the aftermath of recent disasters in Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu offers solace and guidance. He emphasizes the restoration of travel routes, extends a welcoming hand to tourists, and discusses the political landscape surrounding disaster relief efforts.

1. Restored Routes, Safe Travel: Chief Minister Sukhu announces the substantial restoration of travel routes in Himachal Pradesh, ensuring safe travel for both residents and tourists.

2. Welcoming Tourists: Sukhu invites travelers to explore Himachal Pradesh’s scenic wonders, highlighting the successful repair of road infrastructure for a more enjoyable journey.

3. Commitment to Disaster Relief: The Chief Minister reaffirms the government’s unwavering commitment to disaster relief and voices disappointment in opposition politics overshadowing relief efforts.

4. Appeal for Special Disaster Package: Sukhu calls upon the opposition to prioritize disaster relief over politics and urges them to seek a special disaster package from the central government.

5. National Calamity Declaration: The Chief Minister reveals the state government’s plea to the central government to declare the disaster in Himachal Pradesh as a national calamity.

6. State Government’s Resolve: Sukhu assures the public that the state government will employ all available resources to aid affected families, demonstrating their dedication to disaster relief efforts.

7. Critique of Previous Governance: The Chief Minister critiques the previous government for allegedly accumulating a significant state debt and making political announcements without fulfilling financial obligations.

8. Restoring Pensions: Sukhu highlights the Congress government’s decision to reinstate the old pension system for state employees, a significant move despite financial constraints.

Conclusion: Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s reassurances regarding travel safety and disaster relief efforts in Himachal Pradesh come as a beacon of hope. His call for unity in relief efforts and appeal for a special disaster package underscore the state’s commitment to recovery and supporting those affected by recent disasters.

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